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Kunde: Immobilien Autark
Immobilien Autark
Kunde: Dr. Glueck
Dr. Glueck
Kunde: Kultur mit Begegnung
Kultur mit Begegnung
Kunde: Restaurant Strassenglerhof
Restaurant Strassenglerhof
Kunde: Andrä Erdbau
Andrä Erdbau

Web Design from 1996 to 2006 Uddeholm Australia
This site has been built for the local company of the world’s largest tool steel manufacturers’ group. The first stage was developed from March to April 2001. for Women
This NSW Government site received a design makeover by IMPRESSDESIGN and has been completely redeveloped by gangART from September to November 2000. Precinct Community
This space was dedicated to the people of Ultimo in the City of Sydney on 7 August 2003.
Druckerei Bösmüller
A site for our Viennese printers that I put together while visiting Austria in July 1997. Staff was trained to maintain the pages in-house.
http://www.gangan.comGangan Publishing
The first gangART site; bilingual and live since April 1996. Interactive features include Local Search Engine, Link Exchange and Message Board.
http://www.gangway.netGangway Literary Magazine
After being online for three years, this site received a complete makeover in April 1999. Interactive features include Search Engine, News Board and Letters to the Editor.
at.award 2001 for Gangway The Institute of Chartered Accountants
A huge dynamic (Cold Fusion – Oracle) site, developed with Metadex’ Proton from November 1997 to January 1998, hosted with Telstra and maintained inhause by the ICAA’s own staff. Chillers Pty. Ltd.
Commercial Industrial Marine – Independent Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Specialists. Converted from a QuarkXPress document for AiC.
http://www.greenbrains.comGreenBrains Brodtrager & Partner OEG
Another trip to Austria, another site built in June/July 1999 for Brodtrager & Partner OEG. Organisational products are sold via shopping cart.
http://www.valiart.comVali Krausmann
Art Gallery and Text Collection of a Sydney based Austrian artist/writer; live from early 1997 to 2002 and archived at the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA Archive. Con- temporary Art Gallery
Live from October 1998 to June 2001, architectured as a static site with some JavaScript and updated (new exhibitions every months) by gallery staff.
http://www.ilumalite.comIlum-a-Lite Pty. Ltd.
Live from 15 September 1998. Featured a JavaScript "Ready Reckoner", a CGI Guestbook and Secure Server Ordering; now self-made.
http://www.unisearchmm.comUnisearch Multimedia
Homepage of the UNSW’s Unisearch Multimedia, live from April 1997 to February 2000; now owned by Isis Communications.
http://www.wasservital.comPanta Rhei, Vallant & Schrey OEG
Wasser ist Leben – Water meant life for a small Austrian company. Live from 10 August 1999 to 10 August 2000. – all about Gerald Ganglbauer, Austr(al)ia
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