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Parkinson’s Ambassador

Virtuelle Parkinson Selbsthilfe

Parkins(on)line | Global Concept
2011 –

Parkinsonberatung Forum

Parkinsonberatung | Forum Admin
2007 – 2010

Skype Parkins(on)line Steirertreff

Parkins(on)line | Steirertreff
2010 –

PNSW Ultimo Support Group

Parkinson's NSW | USG Convenor
2008 – 2011

ParkinsonAT on Facebook

Parkins(on)line | Facebook Austria
2011 –

Twitter @ParkinsonAT

Parkins(on)line | Facebook Stmk
2011 –

Parkins(on)lineSince I had been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease, I directed the remaining power to my new role as Ambassador for Parkinson's support groups.
I founded and ran support groups in Graz and Sydney, and with Viennese neurologist Willibald Gerschlager built a German language forum for people with Parkinson's. Last but not least I came up with the idea of a global network of virtual support groups, Parkins(on)line. – all about Gerald Ganglbauer, Austr(al)ia
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